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Lindsey recently had the chance to shoot with past clients of ours, Carl and Angie, and document some time at home with their new baby, Owen! Chris loved shooting Carl and Angie’s wedding, and so it was really special to us when they reached out about having us capture their sweet new baby!

The first weeks after a new baby arrives are so special. There is little sleep, lots of change, and so many things to do for such a small little person. But these days are so incredibly special, and more than anything, your first baby shows you your heart is bigger than you ever could have imagined. I love that these photos will serve as a reminder of their transition to a family of three and bring them back to their first days at home.

Here are a few highlights from their session!0014 copy0016 copy0018 copy 20023 copy0025 copy0028 copy0035 copy0044 copy0047 copy0053 copy0059 copy0062 copy0071 copy0087 copy0106 copy0107 copy0122 copy

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