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What Brides and Grooms Should Know about Lighting

When you’re planning your wedding, it’s likely that thinking specifically about lighting isn’t at the top of your list. However, lighting will have a major effect on your wedding photos and beyond that, will impact the overall vibe of your wedding day. Here are three things you should consider when it comes to lighting on your big day.

•If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, it’s generally best to try for a later afternoon or early evening wedding so the midday sun won’t be beating down as harshly. There are so many great outdoor wedding venues here in Colorado but a noonday wedding outside in the mountains will make for some pretty bright and harsh lighting.

Also keep in mind which direction your ceremony is set up so that your guests hopefully won’t be staring straight into the sun as they watch your ceremony.  Although it’s not always possible to have the ideal circumstances with timing and direction, this is definitely something to consider to set up you up for the nicest lighting.0197 copy

•Sunset is your friend. The lighting around sunset time will always give you the best lighting of the day as it’s more soft and glow-y than the lighting you’ll have the rest of the day. Typically, we sneak our couples out of the receptions for just a few minutes a little before sunset to get some portraits of the couple with this beautiful, romantic light. Usually, these are the photos that we all end up loving the most, even when we’ve already done bride and groom photos earlier in the day. Not only is it more romantic and soft lighting, but it’s a nice time for you to sneak away and get a few minutes of quiet during the craziness of the wedding day!0074 copy

•The most beautiful photographs aren’t always taken with what you think of as the most beautiful backgrounds. Although it  may seem that the most “pretty” spot would be best for your photos, when we’re deciding where we want to have you shoot, we are mostly looking at the light. You can take a picture with a beautiful background but if the light isn’t great in that area, you’re going to be disappointed with shadows or harsh light. On the flip side, we’ve been known to take bridal portraits in parking lots and other unlikely places and they look amazing simply with the great light and colors.0067 copy

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