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Should You Have a First Look?

With wedding season kicking into full swing in just a matter of weeks, we’re working closely with our clients right now on their wedding day logistics. One of the questions we get asked often early on in the planning process, is whether they should have a First Look. We should say first that the biggest advice we have about this is that you have to do whatever makes you happy on your day. Throw out the “should’s” and instead just think about what you WANT to do. That advice goes for the First Look too.

So with that out of the way….here’s our two cents:)

While some couples feel strongly about not seeing each other before the ceremony, we are finding that these days, lots of couples are opting to have a First Look where they see each other before the wedding. Although every couple is different and ultimately YOU have to choose what’s right for your day, we love the tradition of the First Look.0016 copy 20017 copy 20018 copy

Doing a First Look gives you a special moment to connect with each other and take in the day. When you don’t have anyone else around you, you can enjoy a quiet few minutes to talk and take some deep breaths before the (happy and wonderful!) madness ensues for the day! When couples are on the fence about doing a first look, it’s often because they’re worried that doing a First Look will take away from the dramatic moment of the groom seeing his bride come down the aisle. After seeing so many couples do a First Look, we can say with certainty that it doesn’t take away from that moment and your groom will still be in awe as he watches you come down the aisle. Instead, the First Look just gives you an opportunity to have a private moment together first.0011 copy0012 copy

A First Look also creates the opportunity for pictures with the two of you without being rushed. Often, the photos from the First Look end up being some of the couple’s favorite pictures from the day! While we always end up with a lot of great pictures of the Bride and Groom alone together, these pictures from the First Look have a special emotion with them.

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