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NFL Week 1 Broncos vs. Colts

Well it seemed like it would never come (at least to us die hard football fans), but at last the NFL regular season is here!  Yours truly was there to cover the big Sunday night matchup between the Broncos and the Colts… here’s a couple highlights….

As usual, I arrived a couple hours before the game.  It’s often requested that we get a lot of fan action so I headed out to the parking lot grab a little tailgating action before the game…

Mr. DeMarcus Ware warming up before the game out on the field.

These types of moments happen really quick and you have to watch for ’em.  Images like this though end up getting used all the time.

Peyton being Peyton….  :)

Near interception….

Julius Thomas had a great night last night…. The guy is a beast.

For this shot I was actually in the end zone shooting behind the offensive line.  I camped out back there, hoping to grab a shot of a sack.  Often times when quarterbacks go down, they end up turning around to protect the ball and you can get a cool shot of the QB as he gets brought down.  Didn’t happen here, but the shot works nonetheless.

These Andrew Luck TD images ended up getting used quite a bit…  It’s still amazing to me the speed at which digital images get used in sports.  As opposed to the film days (before I was shooting professionally) when a photographer would rush his film back to his newspaper get it developed and the next morning hours after the game people would see the image in their newspaper.  Now, this image was on ESPN and USA Today’s website just mins after it was shot.

Rahim Moore also ended up having a pretty decent night with two interceptions.

It’s pictures like this that remind me why players stretch so much before the games.  :) (and why they wear pads).

Montee Ball making his diving second half TD…

Colts made the game a little more interesting than I would have liked, but in the end the Broncos held it together (unlike my hometown Chicago Bears… UGH!) and took care of business.

Next up Chiefs!

  • Kenny Nakai - September 8, 2014 - 10:46 AM

    pretty awesome images Chris! maybe it’s better for your heart that you are in Denver…these Bears are killing me-

  • admin - September 8, 2014 - 10:52 AM

    Oh they’re killing me too Kenny even from here in Denver. :( Thankfully I can root for the Broncos too. Since they play in different conferences I don’t feel that conflicted being a Broncos fan and a Bears fan.

    Now, a Broncos vs. Bears Super Bowl… Oh man that would be amazing. :)

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