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Chatfield Botanic Gardens Wedding Pictures

A few weeks ago Katie and I headed out to the Chatfield Botanic Gardens for Kelly and Brendan’s wedding.  Kelly and Brendan were one of those great laid back, easy going couples, who you could tell wanted a very nice, but also laid back and no stress wedding. Chatfield is not only a great venue for a laid back wedding, but even though it feels like it’s in the middle of nowhere it’s really only 25 mins from downtown Denver which is great!

Here are a few of our favorite images from the day.

Love this moment between Kelly and her mom and sister right after she put her dress on.

Don’t know that I had ever seen this before, but right before Kelly came down the aisle with her dad, Brendan’s brother (and best man) put a blindfold on him!  

Awesome light make me happy.  :) Couples will ask our advice all the time on when (during their wedding day) they should do their photos.  My recommendation is always to shoot as close to sunset as possible.  I always make very clear that, that that is only my recommendation, and that ultimately I want them to have the wedding that they want to have and if logistics don’t allow that, then they just don’t allow it and that’s fine.  We’re here to serve the couple however we can and to help them have the best day possible.  While we feel photography should be a big part of the day, it’s certainly not the only consideration you have to factor in and if someone wants to do their photos at 4PM and the sunset isn’t until 8:00 that’s fine, we’ll still capture some great photos.  However, it’s impossible to get this kind of great light 4 hours before sunset. It’s just not gonna happen.  Thankfully with Kelly and Brendan their timeline allowed us to shoot a lot of the photos of the two of them and their wedding party within an hour or so of sunset which was great!

The big red barn at the Chatfield Botanic Garden isn’t just a great place to hold a reception, it makes a great background for photos!  😉

While I photographed the last couple mins with Kelly and Brendan Katie headed over to the cocktail hour and grabbed some fun candid shots of guests mingling.  This was one of my favorites.

Snuck outside during dinner to grab a fun shot of the barn as the sky started to grow dark.  I positioned my off camera flash right in the doorway and pointed it straight back towards me just to add a little extra flare to the image.  By closing down the aperture to f11 you can get a little bit of that star pattern to the flash.

A few from the reception….

Kelly and Brendan, thanks so much for being such fun clients!  Katie and I enjoyed not just your beautiful wedding, but getting to hang out and to get to know you both!  We’ve said it a million times before, but it’s the people that we photograph that make this business so rewarding and you two are prime examples of folks that we feel honored and lucky to have worked with!  :)

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