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Hello Again!

From time to time we have to get the proverbial feather duster out.  For far too long this blog has been put into a box and stored on an upper shelf in the closet.  Not that nothing has been going on… Since the last post here back in July life has been a bit crazy.

1.  Back in October we welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Vera Grace Humphreys, into the world.  People say parenthood changes you.  Turns out they weren’t kidding.

2.  We sold our house.

3.  We signed up to build a new house (don’t worry folks we’re still sticking around here in Colorado!)

4. We’ve shot a LOT of weddings, done a LOT of traveling, and done a lot of planning and preparing to make sure 2013 is one of our best years yet.  So far for 2013, I’ve got shoots booked in Costa Rica, Washington DC, Nebraska, Kansas City, Yosemite Valley, Texas, and of course all over here the state of Colorado.  It’s gonna be a VERY fun year.  :)

Of course, none of these are excuses to not blog.  The truth is, I’ve been incredibly blessed to have gotten to shoot a lot of amazing people, places, and events the last several months and I’m really excited to share some of them with you over the next few weeks as I get a bit caught up here in my own little corner of the world wide web.

So, here’s to a new start to old blog.  To marvelous stories of the past, and to wonderful adventures to come.  :)

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