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Reflections on Being Remarkable.

It's a simple reality of the human condition: deep down we all want to be remarkable.

In our businesses, our lives, our relationships, we all hope that our
actions are worth remembering, and hopefully worth telling others
about. Heros are by their very nature unlike the rest of us – great
stories are great because of the unexpected or...

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Check out Jerry!

I love shooting weddings, and don't foresee that changing anytime soon, but I love checking out the awesome stuff my friend Jerry gets.  Jerry and I were friends way back in high school and went our separate ways, but through strange paths we both found our way into photography. 
Just totally different fields.  
Jerry has...

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Antonio and Betsy

This past week we were out in Chicago for my good friend Greg's wedding. I had the total honor of actually being in the wedding as a groomsmen instead of photographing it, which was a blast!!
After the wedding, Katie and I stayed in Chicago an extra day to then photograph Antonio and Betsy's engagement...

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