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Dave and Kristen

While we’ve been mainly resting and catching up with family and friends while we’ve been out here, we did get the chance to meet up with two of our clients for next year, David and Kristen.  I’ve known David since I was in 5th grade-he was the brother of one of my good friends in high school and when I heard he was engaged I was so excited that he contacted us to capture his wedding day!

One of the super cool aspects of shooting their engagement session was being able to capture David giving Kristen the engagement ring.  David works for a jeweler and made the ring that he ended up giving Kristen!  It wasn’t ready when they got engaged, but he finished it in time for the engagement session and so he gave it to her as a surprise during the session.  What a cool moment! 
MBP0090.jpg MBP0090.jpg picture by chrishumphreys1

Here’s a few more….  This session officially sets our record as the coldest environment we’ve ever shot in! The temperature was in the 20s and with the crazy wind it felt even colder.  It was interesting pressing my finger against the shutter and not actually being able to feel the shutter button, but I could hear the camera taking pictures! :)  LOL!  Check out this image, you can actually see their breath in the air!  Crazy!

(Can you tell that my blood has thinned out a bit since I moved away from Chicago?!) 

MBP0091.jpg MBP0091.jpg picture by chrishumphreys1

MBP0092.jpg MBP0092.jpg picture by chrishumphreys1

MBP0093.jpg MBP0093.jpg picture by chrishumphreys1

MBP0094.jpg MBP0094.jpg picture by chrishumphreys1

MBP0095.jpg MBP0095.jpg picture by chrishumphreys1

I loved using a little off camera flash for this shot! 
MBP0096.jpg MBP0096.jpg picture by chrishumphreys1

This was right outside of Kristen’s house, where they will both live once they’re married in March!

MBP0097.jpg MBP0097.jpg picture by chrishumphreys1

Thanks David and Kristen!  Can’t wait for your wedding in March! 

  • Jamie Weiss - December 30, 2007 - 5:37 AM

    Hey Chris,
    If you really look, their breath almost looks like it forms a heart!
    Great Session! I hope you have unthawed!

  • cathy walters - December 30, 2007 - 10:40 AM

    oh my gosh, loooooove the off camera flash shot!!!!! Totally beautiful! Is that a train or car or an actual flash?

  • ricki ford - December 31, 2007 - 7:02 AM

    How did your camera work in the cold? Did it freeze up are anything.
    Love the images really cool<----:)

  • Chris Humphreys - December 31, 2007 - 10:19 AM

    Wow Jamie! Never noticed that before! :)
    Cathy, no that’s an actual flash! :) I set my 580 EX II down right behind Dave’s foot. That’s a car way back in the background, but it was too far to create that effect.
    Ricki… Actually really well! The Mark II N gets used all the time at the sidelines of football games and stuff like that so I wasn’t too worried about it. The 5D (and Katie’s 20D) did fine as well. Maybe if we had stayed out longer we might have had a problem, but everything worked great for the hour or so that we were out there.

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